AATCOMM PBS-1 - Passenger Briefing System

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Passenger Briefing System

"Live" and "canned" announcements from a convenient control point . . . 

Originally designed to meet the needs of the Staten Island Ferry, the AATCOMM PBS-1 passenger briefing system interfaces with passenger vessel public address systems and is especially suitable for use on double-ended ferry vessel applications.

The heart of the PBS is a stored message module manufactured by Heads-up Technologies, a company specializing in catering to the needs of the aviation industry.  Heads-up briefing systems are widely employed aboard corporate aircraft and regional jets as well as on sight-seeing aircraft.

So why not simply purchase an off-the-shelf system from Heads-up?

AATCSC embeds the Heads-up product in a system that is designed for the marine environment.  It is powered from either ships mains or a standard vessel battery back-up system. 

The PBS provides stored messages while allowing instant priority to live announcements from a briefing microphone collocated with the system control panel.  In the case of double-ended vessels, multiple control points can be provided with status indication when another control point is is use.  Each control point is a "master," meaning each can over-ride a stored message with a live announcement at any time - with resumption or completion of stored message when desired.

Need a passenger briefing system customized for another mode of transportation, such as for bus or rail transit?

AATCSC specializes in repackaging off-the-shelf systems and in design of custom interfaces.  Services include:

 Interface Circuit Design
 Microprocessor Control - Firmware Development
 Power Source Adaptation
 System Housing Design and Fabrication
 Custom Machining and Metalwork
 Custom finishing - Anodizing - Powder Coating






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