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For over two decades, AATCSC has specified, sold and serviced the products of Dynamic Instruments of San Diego.

In the early days of the communications recording system or "voice logger" business, the market was dominated by just three players.  Entry into the market required specialized manufacturing facilities to produce the electro-mechanical devices of the era - tape transport mechanisms, heads, precision machined assemblies and unique printed circuit boards.

With the advent of the PC and the lowered bar to entry into the business, competition for your business has never been greater and many "manufacturers" have since come and gone - including some of the biggest names in the business.  How can you know what to buy?  And how can you know from whom you should buy it?

Why purchase a DI system from AATCSC?

DI began manufacturing communications recording systems at the dawn of the digital recorder . . . and while underlying operating systems and hardware have steadily improved, one constant has been the simplicity of the front end - the GUI or User Interface of the Dynamic Instruments product line.  With proven business staying power, DI continues to leverage technology, resulting in a robust,  feature-rich system that remains simple to use.

AATCSC has successfully navigated from the analog to the digital world while remaining focused on the delivery of quality support service.

Today, whether you are within driving distance of an AATCSC facility - or many miles away, secure remote access provides a conduit to your communications recording system, enabling effective support - and when required, a qualified field service engineer will arrive on site even on short notice.

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